12 Simple Ways to Help Your Children Cope With Divorce

Divorce is a difficult thing for parents, but it can be even harder on children. They will no doubt wish their parents would stay together and may even blame themselves for the breakup. Attorneys are not therapists, nor do most of us have any formal family counseling training, but as we help our clients through their divorce process, the line between attorney and therapist can sometimes blur.

Within my practice, parents’ biggest concerns generally center around how their divorce will affect their children, and in my opinion, it should be the biggest concern. Many parents struggle with how much to tell their children, and when. The information you share with your children depends largely on their age. For example, you would probably want to be honest with your college-aged child about an affair either parent engaged in, but would not yet discuss that with your third-grader.

No matter what their ages, there are several important things every parent needs to do to help their children understand what’s going on and help them cope with their divorce.

12 Ways to Make Divorce Easier on Your Children

Assure your children the divorce is not their fault.
Try to remain consistent. Keep the same routine you did prior to the divorce.
Allow your children to ask questions about the divorce, and be as honest as you can depending on their age. If possible, talk to your children with your spouse present.
Do not use your children as listening posts. They are your children, not your confidants.
Allow your child to be angry and give them some space. Remember, your child did not make this decision, he/she just has to live with it.
Do not discuss money issues or any other problems due to the divorce with your child, then need to feel secure throughout the process.
Advise the child’s school/teacher of the divorce so he/she can watch for any alarming signs or behaviors that need to be addressed.
Do not introduce your child to boyfriends/girlfriends until you are sure this person will be in your life for an extended period of time.
Attend your child’s extracurricular/school functions even though it may not be on your parenting time. Show your child you are still an active part of their life even though you are not living under the same roof.
Do not shower your child with gifts trying to buy his/her love. They will love you for spending time with them.
Agree on a plan with your spouse as to how you will continue to parent the children. For example, agree on bedtime, computer time, discipline routine, etc.
Most importantly, DO NOT criticize your spouse in front of your children.

Just like you, your children will have to go through their own healing process, and if you communicate effectively, you can minimize the negative impact your divorce will have on them. Most importantly, children need to feel loved and secure. If both parents can agree that is the main goal, the likelihood your children will come out on the other side healthy and happy increases significantly.

Green Concept Cars You Might Be Driving in the Next Five Years

With the price of gas steadily climbing around the country, more and more drivers are looking forward to the next wave of cars that will look great, serve their needs, and save them money at the pump (or take them away from the pump). At auto shows around the country this past year, more and more auto makers were showing concept cars that were green, ones that used little to no gas. Here are a few of those cars that you may be driving in the next five years.

Mazda Nagare

Offering a sleek style and futuristic look, the Mazda Nagare features gull-wing doors that open up to reveal space inside for four passengers, with the driver sitting front and center, and three passengers sitting in the rear lounge style seat. While Mazda hasn’t confirmed exactly what type of drive-train will be used on the Nagare, they have said that it could use a hydrogen-powered rotary engine. No time table or production numbers have yet been given for the Nagare, as Mazda is currently using it mostly as a design experiment.

Daihatsu UFE-III

A third generation concept from the Tokyo auto show, the UFE-III features three seats (a 1 + 2 configuration), and an aerodynamic body that is part of the root of its fuel economy. Powered by a diminutive 660cc Atkinson 3 cylinder engine and two electric motors, the UFE-III has a fuel economy of 203 miles per gallon. It’s unclear if this car will ever be seen in the United States, but the design and fuel economy are exactly that US drivers are currently looking for.

GM Saab Aero X

Taking a cue from their aviation roots, Saab has created a concept car without traditional doors, instead opting for a canopy opening similar to what one would find on a fighter jet. This two seater is made from lighter materials to help with fuel economy, and uses ethanol instead of standard gasoline to fuel its 400-hp twin turbo V6 engine. No word on when or if this car will ever see production, but more than one car enthusiast is already drooling over the possibility.

Volvo 3CC

Featuring an electric powertrain that can quietly propel the car to a top speed of 85mph, the Volvo 3CC is what many drivers are starting to look forward to – a car that doesn’t rely on gasoline. Initially designed with 3 seats (2 in the front, one in the back), the current design is offering a more traditional four seat layout, while maintaining the futuristic look of many concept cars, including upswing doors for easy entrance. Included in this concept car, are added safety features such as steering wheel, instrument panel, and foot pedals that all shift forward during a collision to reduce impact.

Ford Airstream

Taking a page from the classic airstream trailers, the Ford Airstream pays homage with its classic colors and body design, all the while offering a family car for the next century. Powered by an electric fuel cell that gets the equivalent of 41 miles per gallon, the Ford Airstream can travel 25 miles before the fuel cells kick in to recharge the lithium ion batteries that give power to operate the car. With a screen for entertaining and setting the mood inside the car, this is a family vehicle that looks great and is great for the environment. Ford hasn’t said whether you’ll be able to find this at your local dealership yet (be that a Kansas Ford dealership or someplace in California), but with the demand for family vehicles that are environmentally friendly, be on the lookout for it in the near future.

Toyota FT-HS

A sports car for the next century, the Toyota FT-HS features seating for between two and four passengers (depending on whether or not the roof is retracted), and 400-hp or engine output from its Hybrid Synergy Drive. With a dedicated drivers cockpit that has all of the instruments and readings necessary centered on the driver, this sports car features sleek lines to help reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. Toyota hasn’t said when or if the FT-HS will see production, but do keep an eye out for some of its features to start appearing in Scions.

Honda FCX

One of the closer vehicles to seeing production, the Honda FCX features a fuel cell system, but that’s only the start of what makes this concept so impressive. Speed sensitive adjusting instrument panels move according to speed to be more effective, biometric systems adjust the mirrors, wheel, and pedals to your settings as you approach the vehicle, and line of sight operated switches allow you to control things like audio and air conditioning without removing your hands from the wheel. All of this, coupled with a spacious interior made from new-age light-weight materials and you have a vehicle that provides 21st century technology and green efficiency into a vehicle that suits the needs of most drivers.

Intimidated by Home Improvement Projects? Make Them Easy With Help From a Remodeling Contractor

When your home looks unkempt on the outside, it brings the value down and can even affect the energy efficiency of the house. That is why siding and roof repair are important issues to keep in check. Many construction companies can do jobs ranging from vent cleaning to remodeling and can make your home more valuable and less costly to maintain.

Hiring a construction contractor may sound intimidating, but in reality it will probably make your life hassle-free. Replacing your roof or siding is quite a big job, but it will make your home warmer, safer, and dryer and can even reduce your energy costs. By purchasing replacement windows or hiring a remodeling contractor, you will increase the value of your home without having to take on any time-consuming projects yourself.

Although replacing your siding may seem like a huge undertaking, it is actually one of the fastest ways to improve the look of your home. With this one project, you can change the entire appearance of your house. In addition, a siding contractor can help you safeguard your home by improving its R-factor for better insulation, keeping out the elements, and blocking insects or vermin from entering.

With a small, multipurpose remodeling contractor, things like fire restoration become less stressful and take less time. Area professionals can get the job done quickly and can even make your home look better than it did before. This makes the tragedy and hardship of a fire easier to deal with.

However, even if you are looking to do something cosmetic such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling, your local home improvement contractor is still the best option for the job. Even if you are happy with your home but want something along the lines of replacement windows for aesthetic reasons, you can get the job done quickly and economically.

It can be somewhat alarming to look at a project as large as a roof replacement or outdoor kitchen construction, but a contractor can make the job seem easy and take the stress off of you. For help with your next remodeling or home improvement project, large or small, contact your local pros today.

The Top Five Reasons To Choose A Steel Building For Your Farm

It used to be the iconic representation of the American Farmer: The red wooden barn. But now, as many have found out, they are not only a chore to maintain constantly but also expensive and time consuming to construct. The most valuable asset a farmer has is TIME, after all, and when things encroach on a farmer’s time they make maintaining that delicate balance of work and equipment/building repair nearly impossible to do efficiently. We have compiled a list of the Top Five reasons to get rid of those old wooden structures and replace them with durable, affordable, environmentally friendly STEEL buildings.

5. Treated or not: Wood rots and crumbles.

This may come as a shocker to many of you, but treated lumber is not all it’s cracked up to be. Despite what you may think, treated lumber is not a permanent construction solution. In fact it is often referred to as a ‘prolonged lumber solution’ in some industry articles. Prolonged and Lifetime Guarantee seem to be two different things to me…. Steel buildings can last an awful long time under both pouring rain, blazing hot sunshine, and as far as we can tell – there isn’t a termite in the world that prefers the taste of steel!

4. There’s no need to shingle a steel roof.

Re-shingling a barn may be one of the longest and biggest wastes of your valuable, dry, summer time that can be imagined. Re-shingling a barn means hitting it and getting it done during peak summer growing time, unless you have the thousands necessary to pay someone else to do it. But really, why spend the money on shingles and a staff of college kids to work for your, when you can save it right from the beginning by going with a steel building?

A Noble And Grand Idea

What a noble and grand idea, the thought of the Chiefs hosting a Super Bowl in a new state-of-the-art stadium with a retractable roof. A Super Bowl in Kansas City might seem like a pipe dream but if Detroit can play host in 2006 then why not Kansas City in 2012 or beyond?

The economic windfall alone should inspire the Greater Kansas City area to soften their stance on stadium renovations. I know a little bit about Kansas City but I know a lot more about Detroit. The amount of infrastructure work being done in and around metro Detroit alone is worth bringing a Super Bowl to any large city. Freeways from the airport are being rebuilt. These roads would be allowed to decay even further if not for the impending Super Bowl at Ford Field. This is just one example of improvements that last long after a Super Bowl has come and gone. So economically it’s a no-brainer right? The only way the Chiefs will get a new stadium built is with some form of public funding. So far this has been a hot-button issue for local voters who last fall rejected a much more modest attempt at such legislation. It seems even more unlikely that local voters would approve taxes for a new stadium given their love of Arrowhead.

What could possibly sway the voters’ opinion? What one single event could turn the whole tide and make voters run to the booths in glee to approve a new stadium proposal? Of course the answer is simple. Win the Super Bowl. That’s right it’s that simple. It’s time for the Chiefs organization as a whole to push all their chips into middle and go for the Super Bowl. The window is open for this to happen but it won’t stay open forever.

I know what the skeptics are thinking. Every year the Chiefs delegation goes to the league meetings and comes up with some ideas out of left field. This idea of Kansas City hosting a Super Bowl isn’t one of them. It can happen but not before the public approves funding for a new stadium and the only way that will happen is with a Super Bowl title. If the Chiefs do their part and win the Super Bowl then I have confidence that the voters will do theirs’ and approve funding for a new stadium. I can’t see one happening without the other. I think the fans passion for Arrowhead and dislike of pork barrel public funding proposals will prevent approval without a Super Bowl title to sway the public.

So as Lamar Hunt lobbies the league for a Super Bowl in Kansas City the ball is essentially in his court. Will Carl Peterson and the front office be allowed to go all out in their off-season pursuit of talent? Peterson and his staff have begun the process with the Bell and Knight signings but what else will they be able to do? Whomever else the Chiefs sign, trade or draft will go a long way in answering the question can the Chiefs win the Super Bowl? Which in turn will answer the bigger question will Kansas City ever host a Super Bowl?

15 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Roofer

Fox 4 Problem Solvers did a story on a Kansas City area senior resident who gave a roofing contractor over $4000 to replace his roof. Soon afterward, the company shut its doors, and all the resident had to show for it was the leaky roof. Local roofing company Premier Roofing saw the story and decided to help out by doing the resident’s roof free of charge.

In an effort to identify the most reputable and qualified roofing contractors, some people like to use a list of questions to ask each company they interview. Here are the 15 questions you should ask before any work is done on your home. Here is that list…

How long have you been in business?

Have you always operated under the same license & company name?

Where is your office located and how long have you been at that location?

How many trucks, crews and installers do you have?

How many staff do you have dedicated to job site supervision? Do they have any responsibilities other than job site supervision?

Do you have a staff person dedicated to Quality Control?

Do you have a Customer Service Department? Who do I call if I have a problem?

Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Do you have a written list of references?

How many jobs have you done since your company began, and in the last 3-years?

Will you complete a thorough inspection and analysis of my home improvement needs and provide recommendations regarding issues like products to be used, any potential areas of concerns, and a proposed schedule of completion?

Do you have a Lien Waiver Letter?

Do you have General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Post-Construction Insurance of at least $1,000,000? Will your insurance company issue me a certificate of insurance?

Do you have a written list of standards that govern the performance and behavior of the crew on each job?

Do you have a list of standards the crew will follow to clean up my yard both during and at the end of the project?

Additionally, always be wary if they ask for lump sum payments up front, companies that solicit door-to-door, and roofing companies that are chasing storms or that have not been in business for very long.

If you have answered most of the questions above to your satisfaction, then there is a good chance that you will be happy with the outcome of your roofing job, and you won’t be left with thousands out-of-pocket and a roof that continues to leak.

Bicycling – Does the Kansas Prairie Spirit Rail To Trail Hold Up to Its Name

Trail Description.

Stretching southward from the north-end of Ottawa to downtown Humboldt, KS (which includes a recent county-controlled eight-mile addition), this now 60-mile hard-packed limestone trail is fun and easy to ride. It offers attention-getting scenic views, both close-in and far-out. Its corridor is packed with hedge rows of trees, wild plants and flowers, tall grass, and numerous sumac and cedar evergreens. In 2008, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) opened its last section. In August 2010, it became an official state park with its own ranger.

Several sections of the Prairie Spirit Trail (PST) are heavily treed with partial and full canopies, while others open up to prairie and farm views, i.e., cattle grazing next to fields of hay, corn, sorghum, milo, soybeans, sunflowers, and tall grasses (big bluestem, Indian, switch, and buffalo). It is spotted with creeks, streams, bridges, ponds, marshes, small lakes, and rest benches. Its surface is well-crowned with a few steep embankments to be mindful of while riding it.

In places where its corridor borders wooded or undeveloped grazing land, much wildlife can be seen early or late in the day, e.g., bobcat, turkey, coyote, opossum, woodchuck, racoon, and white-tail deer in addition to the plentiful rabbits, squirrels, green snakes, racers, turtles, and tiny lizards. Blue jays, doves, flickers, woodpeckers, hawks, herons, quail, ducks, geese, birds, and butterflies can also be seen. In the summer and fall, berries, persimmons, hedge apples, and walnuts are plentiful.

Towns and basic rules.

In the larger towns of Ottawa, Garnett, and Iola, where most lodging and cafes are found, the trail is paved, and lit at night. Many local bicyclists and walkers use these town sections during the day and night, free. Yet the rest of the trail is open only during daylight hours. The newer eight-mile section from Iola to Humbold, called the Southwind Trail (SWT), is free to all users.

Camping, horses, and motorized vehicles except for wheelchairs and patrol vehicles are not allowed on the corridor itself. But camping or lodging can be found in the three larger towns. Firearms, fireworks, hunting, and alcohol are not allowed in the corridor. At the road crossings, the timber gates are posted with the road names and trail information.


Its eight real trailheads, 10 counting the depot museum in Ottawa and the town-square of Humboldt, have roof-covered picnic tables on concrete slabs, some of them in small public parks. Seven have outside water fountains. Eight have $3.50/day pay stations for riding the PST beyond the three paved city limits (Ottawa, Garnett, Iola). Six have well-constructed restrooms which are open from mid-April to mid-October.

The one at Garnett is a refurbished Santa Fe Depot museum with both indoor/outdoor picnic tables, plus an information center. It is open all year, but it is often locked at night. This trailhead is a popular SAG or lunch stop for organized charity and distance rides. The average distance between all of the trailheads or town services is about 7.5-miles.

Trailhead details (from north to south).

Ottawa. Old Depot Museum with inside restroom when open and outside water fountain; located at the north end of the business district, one block north of 1st-Street. Ottawa’s second trailhead is 2.25-miles further south w/water fountain, pay station, and picnic area just south of 17th Street near the fairgrounds. No restroom. Eating places located on the business Main Street one-block east of trail.
Princeton. Full trailhead w/restroom, outside water fountain, and picnic area. Gasoline station w/convenience store and bar-grill on Hwy-59 three-blocks east of trail.
Richmond. Full trailhead.
Garnett. Full trailhead at restored depot. Eating places on the south-side of the town-square adjacent to the trail and 4-blocks further west on Route-59.
Welda. Full trailhead, partly hidden by tree row on west side.
Colony. Full trailhead. Midtown country cafe and convenience store one-block east of trail.
Carlyle. Limited trailhead w/restroom and picnic table; no water fountain.
Iola. Public park on the westside of State Street w/water fountain near the pay station; no restroom. Two cafes across the street east from the park; other outlets nearby. In 2012, this part of the trail was extended 1-1/2-miles further south to Riverside Park, which is close to the cafes on Madison Avenue (aka Route 54).
Humboldt. The entire combined trail now ends here at Hawaii Road at the north end of Humboldt (this section opened in June 2013, and is free to the public). No full trailhead yet, only signage and parking. Services located at or near the town-square one-mile further southwest.

Because the distances between several well-spaced towns and their trailheads are fairly short, the combined Prairie Spirit and Southwind trails are ideal for day hikes, nature walks, or bike rides of any length up to 120-miles round trip. Frequent full-trail users can get annual passes from retailers where the fishing/hunting licenses are sold, $12.50 each, or online at the KS Department of Wildlife and Parks.

The residents of eastern Kansas and western Missouri are lucky to have a safe well-kept trail where the nature and prairie views are seasonally pleasant and refreshing. This trail corridor has the largest variety of seasonal natural wildflowers in the region. Yes, it does hold up to its name. For more information on rail-to-trail and Kansas trails, see these websites.

Know the Warning Signs of a Leaking Roof

We often take the roof of our home for granted because most of the time it does its job very well. However, roofs can be damaged or wear out just like any other part of your house’s structure. This wear and tear can lead, eventually, to leaks, water damage, and even mold and mildew growth. None of these are good for your building or your family, which is why it’s so important to know what the symptoms of a leaking roof are. By catching roof-related issues early on, you can get them addressed quickly by a roof contractor, thus minimizing the damage to your home. Knowledge truly is power when it comes to your roof. When you know what to look for regarding roof leaks, you can better ensure the health and longevity of your property.

Some signs of a leaking roof are very apparent. If, for example, water drips through your ceiling at a certain place every time it rains, you clearly have a roof leak. Instead of just putting out pots and pans to catch the water, you need to contact a roofing contractor right away to get that leak taken care of. Once one point of the roof is compromised like that, the damage will eventually spread to the surrounding areas. What was once a small leak will become bigger and bigger, causing more and more damage to your home. In addition to actually seeing water come in through your ceiling, other visible signs of roof damage include curling, buckled, or missing shingles. The shingles are the outer layer of the roof, similar to an outer later of skin. If that exterior layer is compromised, and water is allowed to get in between or under the shingles, it will eventually lead to structural damage that will affect your whole roof. If your shingles look “off” in some way, get a professional out to assess the situation and to check for further damage that may not be immediately visible.

Seeing water coming in to your home and noticing visible damage to your shingles are two easy-to-spot symptoms of roof issues. However, there are other signs that are not as clear but are no less important. If you have an attic or storage space at the top of your house, you should examine it periodically to make sure that everything is as it should be. If you notice spots or sections of the wood that are darker than normal, that’s a sign that water is getting in somewhere. Roofers can examine the structure both inside and out to determine where the problem is and work with you to remedy it. In addition to that type of visible interior damage, you also need to keep tabs on any mold growth in your home. Mold can be very difficult to detect, as it’s often not visible. If you do find it growing somewhere, though (especially on ceilings or the upper levels of your home), or if anyone in your family starts experiencing unusual allergic responses or breathing difficulties, you should get a professional to check for roof leaks. The excess moisture from a leak is what allows mold colonies to flourish, so getting rid of the leak is an essential part of getting rid of the mold.

Trail Bicycling: Camping and Lodging on the Kansas Prairie Spirit and Southwind Rail Trails

The state-town-managed 53-mile Prairie Spirit Rail Trail (PST) runs north-south from Ottawa to Iola in eastern Kansas. At the south end of the PST, the Allen-County-managed 6.5-mile Southwind Rail Trail (SWT) connects to the PST in Iola and runs southward to Humboldt, KS.

Most of the camping and lodging places found here are in the three larger towns of Ottawa, Garnett, and Iola. However, the smaller towns of Richmond and Humboldt also have good campsites. Here’s a summary of what is available in each of the nine towns on the trails.


Camping: free/dry/no-fire behind the Franklin County Visitor Information Center 1½-miles east of the PST on Hwy-68 from the north-end of the old business district. Must call ahead for reservation at (785) 242-1411. Grassy backyard with large shade tree and picnic table. No outside water or restroom. However, two all-night convenience stores are located ½-mile east and 1½-miles west of this site.

Motels: five; one near 17th and Main Streets midtown one block east of the PST. The others are further south near the PST and I-35. $50-90 overnight.


No facilities, except for the trailhead w/running water.


Camping: Free/dry at Richmond Lake one-mile east of town on Allen Road SE of town. Covered picnic table, grill, chemical toilet, lake. No running water.


Camping: Two tent sites on two lakes.

1) Located at the north-end of Lake Garnett one-block east of the PST. This lake is on the NE side of town. Open area with grass and chemical toilets, some shade. Running water and stools 1/4-mile further south in the lake park. $9 overnight.

2) Located on Crystal Lake adjacent to the PST on the south side of town, which is near the town square. Water spigots a short distance west at the electrical hookups. Flush stools on the north side of the lake via a ride/walk-over floating bridge. $9/night.

Bed & Breakfast: One; four-blocks east of the trail on 4th Avenue in town. Six rooms, two baths, two half-baths. $70 overnight.

Motels: two; one 1/4-mile west of the trail on Park-Road and Hwy-59 at the north-end of town. The other one is further east of town on Hwy-169. $50-70 overnight.


No facilities, except for the trailhead w/running water.


No facilities, except for the trailhead w/running water.


No facilities, except for the trailhead with restroom and no running water.


Camping: at RV Camp & Storage Park three blocks west of the PST on the east-west Hwy-54. Grassy areas, water, laundry, and shower at office building. $10 overnight.

Motels: three; one near the PST trailhead at the north end of town on State Street. Another one is 1/2-mile further south on State Street near the PST and Hwy-54. The third one is further east on Hwy-169. $50-80 overnight.


Camping: Free/tent at Hunter Park about one-mile SW of the SWT parking-only trailhead if no electricity is used there. Otherwise, $5 overnight. Grass, shade trees, running water, public restrooms w/showers, pavilion, tables, playground. The town police need to know you’re there, located at NW corner of the town square.


While stealth camping along these trail corridors is not allowed in most cases, other options exist besides the sites mentioned above. For example, distance riders can inquire about using the small-town parks, where often they are allowed to dry camp free or for a nominal fee. Users can also inquire at nearby farms, B&B’s, and local residents about setting up a tent in the corners of their yards.

As these relatively new Kansas trails are used more often, certain town parks and pavilions could open up to minimized camping. Also, a hostel or two could crop up sometime. A roofed enclosure isn’t a bad thing to have during inclement weather, even if only a covered picnic table. For detailed information about these trails, see the following websites.

Top Ten Wedding Reception Sites in Kansas City

Remember two years ago when your best friend finally tied the knot and you were “cordially invited” to attend their wedding ceremony and reception? You were excited for the happy couple, and you quickly returned the RSVP card informing them that you would be attending their glorious event (and that you would be having the steak). You were excited that is, until you arrived at the reception; a dingy church basement perhaps, or a converted musty old “mansion”, or maybe you showed up and they were having their reception in an abandoned warehouse feebly decorated with paper streamers and cheap lighting. You felt so sorry for your friend that you stayed just as long as you felt was polite, and then you made a hasty exit. Well now it’s your turn to get married, and you don’t want to make the same mistake your friend did. You want the best wedding reception in history, and it all starts with the site that you choose. In this article we’ve taken your eternal happiness to heart, and present you with our top ten wedding reception sites in Kansas City.

1. The Madrid Theatre

A newly renovated performing arts theater, The Madrid Theatre has more magic than one event space can handle. Often overlooked, this reception site is conveniently located right in the heart of Kansas City with access and parking directly off of Main Street at the 38th block. Your guests will enter your reception from a minimal 20 pace walk from the parking area into an extravagant and elegant piece of living Kansas City history, restored beautifully just for you and your guests. The first thing that your guests will see when they walk through the door is a gorgeous double staircase that takes them up to the balcony level where there is a bar and standing round tables that overlook the theater stage and dining area below. After the cocktail hour is over, your guests will make their way down to the dining area of the theater where there is another bar in the back of the room and a magnificent stage, ready to highlight the entertainment that you have chosen for your big night. When the dinner is complete, the stage is literally set for dancing the night away!

2. The Overland Park Convention Center

If you have a large group, The OPCC is the best venue in the city for the perfect wedding reception. Most impressive is the giant foyer that is located just outside the main ballroom which features large modern art statues and huge windows that overlook the nice green grass courtyard. Many couples opt to hold their cocktail hour in the foyer and also use the foyer to position the buffet stations for dinner. The Overland Park Convention Center is conveniently located directly next door to the Overland Park Sheraton Hotel with a connecting walkway.

3. Club 1000

Located directly in downtown Kansas City at 11th and Broadway, Club 1000 is unique in that it has several different floors to accommodate different phases of your wedding ceremony and reception. That’s right, you can have your ceremony AND reception in the same building at Club 1000. Ceremonies are held on the top level (6th floor) of the building called “Penthouse 1000” and the cool thing about this is that the roof is open after the ceremony for an incredible downtown Kansas City skyline photo shoot. After the ceremony is over, your guests take the elevator or stairs down to the 2nd level known as “Club 1000” where drinking and dancing kick off. If you have a late night group, there is also yet another level of the building known as “Studio 1000” (3rd floor) where there is a complete house wired karaoke system.

4. The Overland Park Sheraton

Just a stone’s throw away from Interstate 435 and Metcalf Avenue, The Overland Park Sheraton is a great wedding reception site. The Sheraton features a selection of 6 ballrooms that can be used individually or joined together to accommodate any size group. There is a great foyer where cocktail hour can be enjoyed and the staff at the OP Sheraton is second to none. Another great feature is the hotel itself, which is lavish and has it’s own late night bar within.

5. The Hilton President

Since Kansas City recently opened it’s popular Power and Light District, The Hilton President is your best choice for a wedding reception site located near the popular new downtown area. Within walking distance of the P&L District, this great site offers the convenience of a hotel, restaurant and bar with a great ballroom.

6. The Boulevard Brewery

For smaller groups, the Boulevard Brewery is a brand new facility that has a very modern look and feel. The main party room has a large center bar stocked with (what else) all of your favorite Boulevard Beer products and has a small stage for a DJ or small band. The Brewery has a nice balcony that offers a great view of the downtown Kansas City skyline.

7. The Oakwood Country Club

Don’t let the “country club” in the title fool you, this beautiful wedding reception site is available to the public for rental. Located on a lovely golf course, the Oakwood has floor to ceiling windows situated in around a 70’s style round ballroom. There is also another section of the ballroom for your favorite band and lots of dancing.

8. Hallbrook Country Club

Although a little more difficult to rent without a membership, Hallbrook Country Club is still one of the most stellar wedding reception sites in Kansas City. Outdoor access is the key attraction as Hallbrook has doors leading from every part of the grand ballroom to spectacular outdoor patios overlooking one of the most exclusive golf courses in the city.

9. The Cadillac Room / Fleetwood Room by Cadillac Catering

If freedom and style are what you are after, this great reception site located in the heart of downtown Kansas City is a nice break from the norm. Two adjoining rooms offer your guests a simple yet elegant place to dine and dance, while offering a great view of downtown KC.

10. The Carriage Club

For that country club feel without paying the country club dues, The Carriage Club, located just off the “nice part” of Ward Parkway is a great choice for your wedding reception. Featured is a beautiful large oak accented cocktail area, and an elevated dining area overlooking two bars and the dance floor.